3 reasons Why : I decided to write SEO articles in English now

Multiple reasons, same goal. SEO in English

I don’t think SEO blogging in French is a sort of a narrow-minded work. I love my coreligionists, my SEO French community, all of our “high-mass” meeting in Paris, Lille or everywhere else. But, there is one more question I want to ask myself everyday ’til I will connect to the English SEO community : “Why Have I never seen a foreign SEO in French conferences ?”

So, this morning (maybe … yesterday morning after a huge hangov….hum….great party for sure), I decided to blog in English. I don’t have a specifying expertise in SEO or SEA topic, and my english is already not “parfait”. But, think about a little french SEO boy trying to connect to the huge and handsome English SEO community.

So, here there are, my 3 reasons of why I decided to write my next SEO/SEA blog articles in English :

  • Other languages, New fields of research1421690779_cogs_1__

Maybe Am I on a wrong way, but from my point of view, we’ve plenty of ideas we could share, and learn from each other, through the Channel, and the Atlantic. I read every morning Search Engine Land, and Moz (Hi Rand !), and sometimes, I found a real reason to wake up and move forward on my SEO work.

  • Explore new ways of making SEO

In order to continue the previous point, it’s important (even today) to rebuild our conception of SEO. “Add some High quality content !” : OK. “No, Netlinking is not dead yet, but…” : OK, “Social Networks gives some good SEO signals” : OK. But, what is the true definition of high value content ? What is a the real semantic field of my thematic content ? (it’s importance, and the opportunity to develop it). Is the Netlinking really dead ? 1421690868_optimi-01-01-128

For example :

- On the one hand, my sweet and lovely car comparator website. I (tried to) write good content, insert a relevant intern link mesh. But I decided to let my client do the netlinking. Ok. he over-optimized it. Penguin been there, and “Bang”. Huge traffic loss, and conversions too.

- On the other hand, my (SO) sweet and lovely roof timbers website. With the help of my client, I wrote high quality content about 1 slope Roof and 2 slopes roof. I did the Netlinking on wood and building themes directories, and 6 months later, it works !! [Because...I'm happy...clap along...etc...]

So, what is the right way of doing SEO today ?

  • Improve my “SEO” english. 1421690833_United Kingdom(Great Britain)

It’s hard, I’d say… pretty terriying, to write in English. Especially when you write about your job, your passion, in front of an audience which – maybe – won’t read you. Because you’re not a English-Native. And maybe (certainly), in the beginning, your articles won’t be relayed a lot, and retweeted, and shared a lot too. So, this is a real challenge for me to propose you relevant new fields of research, new ways of thinking about SEO and SEA.

And now, as the Doctor said : “Allons-y” ! 

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