3 steps to become a Creative Netlinker

You know, I do not write only on this blog. Few days ago, I wrote an article on “5 news jobs in SEO for 2015″ on Pullseo Blog 

In the list I had drawn, there is a point that has caught the attention of my readers. “Be a Creative Netlinker.” What’s the point behind this concept ? Let’s go to a little further and here’s what the 3 Steps to become a good Creative Netlinker.

1. Be catchysolutions-incentives-icon

The era of writing like in a line working is behind us. The SEO manager is technical, but he also is a salesman/woman . The idea is to find a balance between “please to the search engines” and “please to the visitors.” You have to play with all the action verbs: “Be, Discover, Learn, etc …” at the beginning of your articles title or your agency baseline
Catch the eye of the visitor will allow you to turn it into a client. And if, by the greatest chance, he has a website, in the same topic as yours, maybe there will be a link?

2. Be Endorsed1421690868_optimi-01-01-128

Basically, a link between Site A and Site B is more than a link. It is a vote. Here in France, we receive a lot of American television channel (like CNN or NBC). During the presidential race, and during the caucuses and primaries, we often see banners at the bottom of the screen, with the words: “Mr. X endorsed Mr. Y”. We must now see a link as “full and complete commitment to a Site, to make a link to a site B, because the contents therein is in the same thematic, and its content has a high quality value”

3. Be a SMM1423009629_FacebookShop

No need to throw peas at the cafeteria of the agency toward your Social Media Manager. You must be one of them! SEO’s work included the notion of “linkbaiting.” But linkbaiting does
not fall from the sky. You have to monopolize visibility on all fronts (including social networks), and then, if you create a buzz, a webmaster will say, “Look, this operation seems
interesting to me, I will contact him for a partnership. “

In 2015, and because the Netlinking has never been better than the last  year (and Penguin too), you must become a “Creative Netlinker.” Press officer, Partnership Manager, High Value Content writer, all these new skills will be essential to continue, to perpetuate the netlinking, and your SEO in 2015


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